I have been dancing now for three years, and it has changed my life.  Much of my life is now centered around it; I dance for between 10 and 20 hours per week - roughly half of that being practice, or something practice related (such as taking lessons).  Crossfit, weight lifting and running have become a regular part of my routine so that I am capable of doing this kind of schedule.

And if any of that isn't an indication of how its affected me, I've also lost 90 pounds, joined a local swing band, and met the girl that I love swing dancing.  So I think it's safe to say that it's something of a passion.  Oh, and I'm always working on making my swing out (and for the uninitiated among you, the swing out is the primary move upon which Lindy Hop is based) better. I don't know what'll happen when I'm satisfied with mine, but flying pigs, a singing fat lady, and the end of time all come to mind.

I'm bringing a cinnamon roll.

What I Can Bring

Who am I to tell you anything about dance?   Well, I'm not famous.  I'm not Rebecca Brightly, blogger extraordinaire, or Bobby White, world-famous swing dance historian, both of whom are instructors with many years of teaching and experience in international events.  Heck, nearly every single international instructor has some place where you can find out more about how swing dancing works.  If you want experts, go read their blogs.  I certainly do.  I'm not (yet) a world traveller, even: I seldom venture out of the Southeastern United States, I've only been at it for three years.

I'm not, however, an entirely hopeless n00b. I have been a musician almost since I was old enough to talk.  Probably you'll see my musical perspective most of all.  I also have a pretty decent background in physics, mathematics and philosophy, and am one of the stronger people you might happen to meet (I'm probably the most humble, too!).  My particular bent toward weight lifting and running also provide a rather unusual perspective on swing dancing that I think may provide some insight.  I hope that you'll find my perspective interesting and insightful, and hopefully entertaining.

Ultimately, though, I'm going to, as much as possible not claim expertise or authority.  I'll present what I observe, and, I hope you'll join me in discussing it so that we can learn things together.

I don't generally play with dolls,
but I will if you will.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

For the past few years in giant discussion threads that I start in facebook.  As I've traveled, my community of swing dancing friends has grown larger.  Facebook discussion is getting unwieldy.  This, I think, will work better.

So join me!  I'll post things.  Think about them.  Talk about them and form your own opinions.  Then write about it here so I can learn from them.

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